We always have question why we are in a particular problem! Or WHY this happened to us?
We get stressed perhaps we are unable to understand the reason behind it . In the Modern world we all have some stress of one or the another thing. Even there are sudden events like deaths, serious illnesses, natural or man made disaster & social upheavals that often occur randomly and without any warning. Stress can overwhelm your defense despite of your best efforts at coping & can create short and long term effects on you. There is no escaping stress, but there are ways you can learn to handle stress better when it is present, and to ‘bounce back’ faster from its impact. The collection of skills, characteristics, habits and outlooks that make it possible to remain maximally flexible and fresh in the face of stress is often referred to as “emotional resilience&, which is covered by Mr Bhupendra Mishra in
the workshop, who have been through this & build a resilient atmosphere which help him in his growth. Furthermore we discussed that Learning to become more emotionally resilient can dramatically improve your attitude and your health in the face of inevitable stress.