Muthu Kumaran, a Civil Engineer by education, a Development Professional by choice, a Cartographer by profession and a Practitioner Coach on leadership by practice. After his Civil Engineering, he did his M.Tech in Remote Sensing and later, M.A. in Globalisation and Labour from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) where he had first-hand professional experience in social studies and developmental practices. From here, he started working extensively in social and ecological initiatives across India and currently engaged with trans-disciplinary educational practices. He loves working with children and youth especially to foster their agency and leadership and also likes to volunteer with value-based initiatives.

He was a Fellow of TISS and worked for 3 years in the position of Programme Officer in the Social and Ecological Stewardship Programme a Field-Action Project of TISS, where he started an initiative looking into the integration of science and technology with social sciences while also engaging in various projects with multiple stakeholders in the domains of education, ecology, labor and disaster management across India. He predominantly worked on critical cartography and community GIS, training more than 100 people and involved in fostering leadership with more than 500 people across the country. His work on value-based trans-disciplinary approaches in transforming learning has also been mentioned in the book Radical.

Transformational Leadership by Dr. Monica Sharma.
He is also a consultant and practitioner coach for the past 5 years for various projects across India in the domains of DRR, education, environment, gender, Geographic Information System and fostering leadership. He is been involved in all aspects of Organisational Development, Project Planning, and Management and with multiple stakeholders from the community to the government. He strongly believes in lifelong learning and always eager to learn, un-learn and relearn as part of the commitment to change and results. He is very passionate in working with the vulnerable and marginalized communities of the society, be it from the remote areas or from a conflict environment or been disadvantaged based on socio-economic and cultural prejudices as he stands for the universal values of an agency, empathy, equity and dignity for himself and all.
Currently, he is a consultant for Feminist Approach to Technology in supporting the team with technological and managerial skills and competencies and he is also one of the current Asian fellows of Asia Centre, Japan Foundation for creative disaster and environmental education looking into an inclusive and community-centered disaster management.