Bhupendra Mishra: Generally, it is said that of all the donations made, donating life is of the highest order. Bhupendra hails from Palghar district of Maharastra, which is frequently subjected to earthquakes and other natural calamities. He says the main reason for the loss of life during the calamities is ‘lack of awareness’ among the people. As a response, he has founded ‘The Resilient Foundation’. At the age of 9, I fell from a terrace and everyone thought I passed away. But only my mother realized that I’m seeing the movement of the retina and immediately took me to the hospital. It is this subtle observation that is required among everyone to save the lives of many in emergency times. Bhupendra through his organization visits various schools and offices and trains them on how to save lives during the emergency times. He trains them on how to save ones own life and lives of others during earthquakes, road accidents, etc. They believe these lessons are very helpful for fire safety personnel, police personnel. Though I earn very little by taking up these activities, the amount of satisfaction that I derive out of these activities is immense says, Bhupendra Mishra.