Centre for Lifelong learning Department, TISS Mumbai & The Resilient Foundation

The Resilient Foundation (TRF) is a social enterprise engaged in conducting emergency preparedness training programmes to build resilient communities at grassroots level.

Objective of this workshop is to;
1. To create awareness and sensitivity about Disaster Management
2. Mobilize community for rescue and relief work
3. Impart basic knowledge and practical skills of rescue techniques

Why this Workshop is needed?
Many youth organizations, youth, individuals, volunteers, community people often get involved in the Disaster Management work in emergency situation. It is also observed that most of them lack basic skills and understanding to deal such situation. Thus, this one day training programme is geared towards such interested people to equip them with basic essential skills & techniques to perform during emergency period like mobilizing people, fighting against fire, providing first aid etc for rescue and relief operation.

What is there in workshop ?
Using experiential learning, the workshops cover topics like mobilizing volunteers and people for rescue work, training on providing first aid, emergency rescue technique, evacuation, providing CPR, basic victim handling techniques & handling fire situations
The training sessions are curated by Disaster Management Experts on international standards. It entails 5 hours of training of theory and practical.


About the Resource Person
Bhupendra Mishra

Bhupendra is a Disaster management practitioner working in the industry from the past 9 years. He learns disaster management skills and gains knowledge in civil defense program,from 2009-14. He also worked as Post warden, Special police officer on various occasions during the voluntary service with Civil Defence. Bhupendra is also the recipient of the Disaster resilience leadership fellowship offered by the TISS- IHHS program by George Washington University. He Delivered more than 200 training programs in school, college, Fire Brigade & corporate.

Date: 7th March, 2020
Time: 10am to 6pm
Venue: NC 1, New Campus, TISS
Registration Fee: 300/- including GST (includes tea)
Please note that no food and accomodation will be provided to the participants.

For Registration
CLL Secretariate
Dilip Kale or Ritesh Vaity @ 02225525684, dilip@tiss.edu,cll.secretariat@tiss.edu
Centre for Lifelong Learning
TISS, Mumbai