Larsen and Toubro, Roha Larsen and Toubro, Roha- Verna Konkan Railway Project, Health workers and safety officers 

“Disaster comes as an emergency, yet being prepared for it can help us overcome it .”

On 27 March 2019 TRF conducted an ‘Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management Programme’

for L&T Staff at Roha Verna Konkan Railway Project, Ratnagiri.

The staff members were taught various techniques including that of First-Aid and CPR through various demonstrations. Knowledge was shared about what basic steps one can take when different types of emergency strike, natural and manmade.

The staff members also enthusiastically got involved in trying the first-aid techniques hands-on on one another, actively asking questions and getting their doubts answered.

The full day session was interactive and bubbling with energy.

Another part of our community has now become prepared!

We all need such training programs to

‘Stay Alert and Stay Safe’.

Remember, preparedness is not a choice, it’s mandatory. It is the need of the hour.