Conducted a day long ‘Disaster Management’ training programme on 27th December 2019 at ‘Sakharam sheth vidyalaya katai- kolegaon Dombivali in association with the NSS unit of Pragati College of Arts & Commerce, Dombivali.

It was attended by 75 students. The training programme was divided into theory and practical session which focused on various aspects of disaster. The theoretical session included; the importance and in depth understanding of topics like man made & natural disaster, post disaster precautions to be taken, importance of first aid, elements of first aid, use of first aid, benefits of carrying first aid kit during the travel and availability of first aid kit at home and workplace was also explained.

Practical sessions were about –

The essential contents in a first aid kit and how it should be used effectively in order to reduce medical complications was demonstrated. Importance of using a sterile dressings and proper way to use bandages to protect wounds, promote healing, to hold dressings in a place, to relieve pain, and generally to make the patient comfortable. The do’s and don’ts during and after the disaster was demonstrated by use of different rescue tools such as fire extinguisher and its use in disaster like fire, forest fire, accident was demonstrated with the help of student volunteers. Precautions to be taken while helping to rescue victims, procedures to be followed after the arrival of medical team, transportation of victim to nearby medical facility and safe areas, were explained and demonstrated.

The glimpse of the training programme 


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