Emergency Response Management Training was given for the students of the students sports club at Delhi Public School

As we know, children are one of the most vulnerable groups at the time of crisis! Because they are unaware to respond or deal with the crisis at that point.

Well children groups have more flexibility as they take the shape we give them, so they are the best medium of communication & for the awareness as well as School Safety is also a prior issue.

Hence, we conducted a one day training program on Emergency Response at Delhi Public School, Azadpur Where we discussed the various crises, also how to respond to the situation when you are unskilled, what is the measure to be taken at the time of crisis etc. It was a successful program as the students actively participated ( interacted) and enjoyed the sessions with fun & knowledge.

The purpose of the program is to mainstreaming the Disaster Management and make it easy, approachable & fun! So that people can learn and actively work at the time of crisis.