What do we do:

TRF is an organization that works on prevention and preparedness, builds capacity to fight unforeseen setbacks, and thereby saves lives. TRF Primarily works with government schools to make schools safe to ensure quality education and Safety of school stakeholders through a two-year MARS Fellowship program in disaster management focusing on school safety, vulnerability and hazards evaluation, forming and training of task forces. We also offer a wide range of cost-effective and practical programs to equip them to be first responders in case of accidents or disasters.

The TRF team of specialists passionately spread the culture of resilience and advocates the promotion of safe communities as intrinsic to the wellbeing of a nation.

The context of our work:

Our lives are often ravaged by unfortunate incidents that disturb the peace and equilibrium of our existence and the plans we have for our future.

The Resilient Foundation (TRF) was set up with the belief that planning the best response to accidents and emergencies is the first step towards creating a more confident and equipped society. Mitigating the cruel after-effects of disaster helps in recovery, and enables realizing the full potential of our people, our communities, and our nation.

Our difference:

The Resilient Foundation has a skilled and committed team, offers innovative, cost-effective & customized training modules, follows a practical and partnership approach, and already has a track record of success.

Our identity:

Our logo symbolizes the building up of the pillars of self-reliance and self-defense. The solid red circle signifies the human head that stands tall with courage and confidence. The red color expresses the desirable alertness and energy. The black color signifies solidity and stability that forms the foundation of an integrated being.