TRF is engaged in institutionalising training in disaster risk reduction and emergency preparedness amongst citizens like school children, youth, corporates, factory workers, residential complexes, local mandals and institutions to help them respond before, during and after crises, ultimately helping build resilient communities at the grassroots level. Stakeholders such as these would typically not get access to the training workshops conducted by government agencies like Civil Defense, etc. since those are meant for a captive audience. To bridge this gap, we strive to build public awareness and capacity through a range of course structures – from 3 hours to 3 days across 3 Levels – based on the time, budget and need of the participants. All our training workshops offer relevant and relatable content to this diverse set of stakeholders, and the delivery of the training is adjusted keeping in mind the specific participant audiences –  for example, rural vs. urban audiences, young vs. older audiences, English-speaking vs. Hindi-speaking audiences, etc. This flexible approach has helped us ensure the diverse audience is able to understand and assimilate the content.