Story behind setting up the organization

In the year 2005, Bhupendra Mishra (Founder) met through an accident where he fall down from the terrace on a surface, which had nails, and glasses scattered around. During this incident his spinal was injured and was not able to breath, parallel to this his eyes were freeze, just after the incident, everyone felt like losing him for forever but his elder sister saved his life by holding him in her arms to admitting him in hospital.

Inspired by this bravery of his sister, Bhupendra started a journey to respond accident cases and saves lives which including one of the train accident near Boisar station for which he has been awarded by President Award in 2012. He further registered himself in Civil Defense of Maharashtra as a volunteer and got trained himself under First Aid, Fire Fighting, Warden, Control and Communication, Nuclear Biological chemical warfare, Vertical rescue and General Disaster management at state level and looking at this perseverance and leadership skills he was appointed as a Post warden (2 star) and delivered several training in context to disaster Management. He further appointed as a Special police office during the legislative elections. From 2009 onwards, he conducted around 200 training through multiple organizations with an average attendance of 50.

During his journey, he reflected that disaster is one of the aspect which people are not sensitized and which is adding more weightage to the vulnerability of the people. He selected kids should be a starting point to build resilience among them through disaster management skills. Further taking his vision, in the year 2015 he joined Gandhi fellowship, wherein he sets his vision into action by conducting a pilot in one school covering 60 students. He provided disaster management training which involves First Aid to Community mapping, after this training a student named Sahil admitted a road accident casualty in hospital and a girl name Yogita Save her community from fire. During this experience, he came up with the insight that many people go through such training but during the crises very, few respond because of the fear and low socio emotional intelligence skills.

In the Global context per year, 1.3 Million people are dying in road accidents, 31 million people are dying due to cardiac arrest & stroke & 39000 due to fire (according to data available on who and several other sites. We can save more than 60% lives by responding as a first responder to the crisis. We are enabling first responding community by imparting resilience into the community.

Going through this roller coaster journey, he decided to create a space through compassion where a community is resilience and more empathetic towards each other with strong Socio emotional intelligence and thus THE RESILIENT FOUNDATION was born.