The Resilient Foundation (TRF) is a social enterprise engaged in conducting emergency preparedness training programs to build resilient communities at the grassroots level. Using experiential learning, our workshops cover topics like first aid, emergency rescue technique, evacuation, CPR, victim-handling techniques, handling fire situations, and other essential areas of disaster management.  
 Our priority to enable the youth, aged 13 to 21, to become more resilient and prepared, rather than vulnerable, during emergency crisis situations, whilst demonstrating empathy and proactiveness.
 Our goal is to encourage and train individuals and communities to act as the first responder and save lives in the time of crisis. Our practical learning modules enable them to make quick decisions in the face of crises and respond appropriately as per those situations 


Building resilient and proactive disaster responsive communities who will save their life during disastrous situations


One million individuals will be sensitized and trained in mitigating and managing disastrous situation 2030

Our Approach

Our training sessions are curated by Disaster Management Experts on international standards. They are contextualized based on the audience and geographic requirements. Using lectures, demonstrations, and simulations through pre, during and post-crisis scenarios, the training pedagogy fills the knowledge and experience gaps people typically suffer from when faced with such emergency situations.
 Level 1: 2 hours to 2 days of training (Theory and Technical skills)
 Level 2: 3 months of training (Theory, Technical & Socio-emotional skills, Mock drills, Disaster Risk Reduction plan and forming DRR teams)  
 Level 3: All elements of Level 2 plus 1 revision training every quarter (Theory and Practical) to the target audience.